Unreal x FYM ADE: Klangkuenstler All night long

October 18, 2024
23:15 - 06:00
Free Your Mind Festival
Unreal x FYM ADE: Klangkuenstler All night long

Unreal x FYM ADE: Klangkuenstler All Night Long – 18-10-2024 AFAS Live Amsterdam

Unreal x Free Your Mind will return to AFAS live during ADE to proudly present: ‘Klangkuenstler All Night Long’.

After last year’s success, there was no doubt in bringing Klangkuenstler All Night Long back to 2024.

Get ready for a hellish night of unparalleled rave energy and  brutal sounds as Klangkuenstler takes you on an unforgettable musical journey. With inspiring visuals, immersive lighting and breaking down the barrier between artist and audience, the crowd is welcomed to surround the DJ, building an intimate atmosphere that fosters unity. The essence of the all night long is the journey it offers, diving deep into the history of the Techno genre throughout Klangkuenstler’s music collection from the late 90s to mid 2010s. The synergy with Unreal, which has established itself as a brand of creativity and innovation with its avant-garde approach to event production, will transport the audience into a world where reality blurs

Don’t miss this and get your tickets now! Last year sold out within a month so don’t sleep and be fast!


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