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Ticket information

  • Tickets are available on our website clicking on the event you would like to visit. 
  • It is not possible to get tickets through Free Your Mind when the event is sold out. Please keep an eye on our socials for potential ticket contests.
  • Watch out for scammers. Buying tickets through external parties is at your own risk. 
  • After successfully purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email containing a download button which lead to your ticket(s).
  • The QR code on the ticket is scanned at the entrance and each QR code is unique. You can scan the QR code from your phone or print your ticket on paper.
  • If you have lost your tickets, you can get your tickets back with the help of Tibbaa, our ticket seller. You can easily request the tickets you ordered by completing Tibbaa’s Lost Ticket function on their site. 
  • If you have problems filling in your details, you can send an email to support@tibbaa.com.
  • You should always receive a confirmation email. If you have not received this, you can create an account via Tibbaa and request your tickets. 
  • For an overview of all purchased Tibbaa tickets, you can create a ticket buyer account via Tibbaa. It is important to use the email address that was entered when purchasing the tickets.
  • For all questions regarding tickets feel free to contact Tibbaa via support@tibbaa.com.
  • All tickets grant you entrance. There is no difference between these tickets except for the price. The earlier you buy your tickets after the announcement of an event, the cheaper the price. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to request a refund. For more information, we would like to refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

  • Important Announcement: Please note that tickets for Free Your Mind should be purchased exclusively through our official website.
  • Buying tickets from secondary platforms such as Ticketswap, Viagogo, Marktplaats, etc. is strictly prohibited. We have unfortunately witnessed numerous instances in the past where attendees were denied entry with tickets purchased from these platforms.
  • To ensure seamless access to the festival, we strongly advise purchasing tickets only through our official channels. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you to Free Your Mind soon!


Free Your Mind maintains a zero policy on drugs. It’s forbidden to use or possess any drugs at the event. When the organization spots or confirms any infringements, the offender can be handed over to police. It’s forbidden to trade drugs at events of Free Your Mind.

To visit a Free Your Mind event you must be at least 18 years old of age. Your ID can be requested or checked. If you can’t show your ID, it’s not possible to visit the eve

Yes, there will be an access control. Whilst entering a Free Your Mind event you will be requested to cooperate with a voluntary visitation of yourself and the items you’re carrying. You always have the possibility to choose a security staff member of your own gender for the visitation. Make sure to pick the right queue to do so. If you don’t want to be searched, we can’t let you enter the event.

Yes, it is allowed to smoke in designated smoking areas. It is not allowed to smoke outside these smoking areas, included vapes and e-cigarettes. 

Yes, there will be lockers, unless communicated otherwise

Yes, bringing small bags to the event is allowed. We discourage bringing large bags to our events. The exact rules vary per event, it is strongly advised to only bring essential items to the event. 

That differs per event and venue. Check our latest information before you visit an event to make sure it’s allowed. 

It is allowed to use or bring E-cigarettes or a vaper to our events. The accompanying liquid can only be brought inside if the package is new and sealed (maximum of 1 package per visitor). You are only allowed to smoke outside in the open air. It is not allowed to smoke (e-)cigarettes or vaping under a shelter or in a tent.

Lost and found

If you have lost something at a Free Your Mind event, you can send us an email with specifications of your item/object. It then will be checked whether it is among the found objects. You can send a mail to info@freeyourmindfestival.nl

Free Your Mind is not responsible for any loss of items, for further information we would like to refer to our General Terms and Conditions (koppeling maken).


  • During a Free your Mind event photos and videos are made. By purchasing a ticket you agree that Free Your Mind uses these photos and videos for marketing or promotional purposes. 
  • You can read our privacy policy (koppeling maken), which contains all the details regarding privacy. 

Health and care

If medication is required on medical grounds, medication is allowed. The user must in all cases show a statement signed by a doctor to the organization. In addition to the statement, proof of identity must also be shown. If you have a more specific question or situation, feel free to contact us at: info@freeyourmindfestival.nl

  • We do our very best to make Free Your Mind accessible to everyone. We therefore consider as many measures as possible.
  • If you are less mobile feel free to contact us at info@freeyourmindfestival.nl Then we can take your situation into account and offer help where necessary. 
  • If you have permission, you can use the guest entrance. This entrance is wider and less crowded, making it easier to enter. Please contact us in advance. 
  • For our outdoor events, we ensure that accessible paths are built that lead to the stages and to other essential points. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to turn to our staff members. 
  • We make sure that there are enough disabled toilets facilities at our event, don’t hesitate to turn to our employees if you need help. 
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