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Trym Festival



Trym is getting his biggest solo show yet; Trym Festival! On July 22 at Breepark in Breda, a mega event will be organized in collaboration with Trym. The French DJ is currently one of the fastest growing techno DJs in the scene and has a large fan base all over Europe. Trym has performed for many of our events and has never disappointed us. But we have a surprise, there will be one more areas hosted by Hardharderhardst and Oostkust during Trym festival.

Fans from outside Breda can rejoice as well, as Free Your Mind is planning a large-scale shuttle bus network to help transport fans from cities across the Netherlands. You can buy a return ticket, with this return ticket you reserve a seat on the bus. You board at your chosen location and are dropped off at Trym festival in Breda.

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